Activate Your InteliSplendid Prepaid Cards

InteliSplend Prepaid Solutions was started way back in 1997 and it is a private company owned by Matitz Inc.. This company provides financial and incentive services. The majority of its organization is centered on card and rebate programs along with some sales incentives program offers as well. This scheme was started so they will help clients get a much better handle since the cards are confined by regions.

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About Intelispend

InteliSpend Prepaid Solutuions is a business formed by a joint enterprise of Matitz Inc. and American Express. It is a organization that provides incentive programs that are excellent for close to 76 percent of the Fortune 500 organizations on the planet and started in 1997. Back at the year 2010, Maritz bought the stocks of American Express and by doing so, got ownership of the corporation and it’s been doing since. Along with their purecard solutions, they make use of partner businesses to offer product and Spiff hedging applications.

How to activate InteliSpend Prepaid Cards online

You will need the following

  • A computer or any other device that you can use to access the Online
  • Your Intelispend prepaid benefit card
  • A working email account

Steps to follow for activation:

  • Open your favorite browser and then go to
  • Enter your telephone number and expiry date in the spaces provided.
  • Search for the”sign in” link and then click it.
  • You will be studied towards the Intelispend account management page.
  • When there, select the service you need from the menu that’s given for users and account holders.

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